Every child has the right to learn and develop at their own pace.

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Is This You?

Parents to children with autism have unique challanges to overcome:

  No available ABA therapists near you
  Financially unable to pay a therapist
  Your privacy is important to you
  Overwhelmed from the amount of information out there
  Have no idea where to start

How I can help:

There’s a lot we can achieve together to make your child’s life better.

•  Flexible On-line live meetings for your convenience •  Provide tools and knowledge to teach your child
•  Personally teach you ABA key concepts
•  Focus on setting and achieving specific goals
•  Walk you through the whole process 

A Mother teaches her son to say “thank you”

– “Danny, give me the car”, Danny gives mom the car. “Thank you”, says mom.
– “Give car” says Danny. Mom hands it to Danny, says “Thank you” and waits for him to say it back.
“Thank you”, says Danny. Mom lets go of the car and lets him play with it.

When I received this video and the mother told me that it was his first time saying “Thank you” back to her, I Remembered why I do what I do. And this is just a tiny example of what can be accomplished with ABA.

There are endless things we can teach our children with special needs. A parent who teaches his child can be challenging. However, being involved, seeing how your child is changing and learning, there’s nothing more satisfying than that.

My goal is to guide parents on how to teach their children, give them the right tools, and bring them to moments of excitement, happiness and pride.

The process is supervised by Eyal Cohen, a board certificated behavioral analyst (BCBA).

Liraz Levi Sinroza

Behavioral Analyst
BCaBA #017-8134
Former ABA therapist, BA in behavioral science and a mom.

What Can I Offer

100% Online & worldwide

Anywhere, Anytime, from the privacy of your own home. I use Online remote solutions to bring ABA services to you. Good for people that have no help/guidance in their country.

Personal for you and your Child

Counseling, training and supervision for parents and/or Therapists, on building a home-based intervention suited to you and your child’s needs. 

a Free Introduction Meeting

One meeting – totally free, where we will get to know each other, talk about your child’s needs and discuss your goals as a parent and ways we can accomplish them.

The Process

Steps to ABA home intervention

Introduction Meeting

First thing is to get to know you. We’ll have a casual talk by on-line live video call, where I would like to hear about your needs and expectations.

Furthermore, and only if it’s comfortable for you, I would love to meet the child too, for a part of the conversation.

•  The meeting is approximately 1 hour and totally Free.

Gathering essential information

Summarizing past data to build a whole picture by collecting:

•  Past reports and related diagnoses

• School, kindergarten or other professional reports

• Extensive questionnaire about your child. Detailed Description of his behaviors, daily routine, strengths and weaknesses.

• On-line observations and short videos of your child’s Behavior in different situations.

Lay down the basics

Programs will be based on the “VB-MAPP” assessment tool.

I will train and guide you to fill the necessary parts of this tool.
Based on the results we’ll know your child difficulty level and where we need to start.

Furthermore, I will teach ABA teaching strategies and key concepts that the parent or therapist will implement while working with the child. In this stage, we’ll focus on organizing the environment and preparing material as well.  

The intervention begins

Our on-line meetings will focus on reviewing new programs, practicing and making changes if necessary and following your child’s progress. 

Gradually, the number of programs will increase depending on your needs and your child’s progress. Between meetings I will always be available to help with any questions and clarifications.

On-going Intervention

As we proceed, you will see changes in your child’s behavior, as he learns new things, he will struggle too. Behavioral problems and new feelings could arouse, and every situation will be answered to maintain a positive learning experience.

Data on your child’s progress will be taken on a regular basis, some by you, while teaching. I will guide you how and when to collect the data.

*procedure may vary depending on your requirements

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Let’s Talk and find a solution

I’m here to help

I love what I do and want to reach out to whoever needs my assistance. Anything you need, be it a question, assistance or advice, just send me a message using this form, the messenger chat button on the bottom of the page or through any one of my social media profiles, and I will answer as soon as possible.